Welcome to my portfolio website

OWL GRAPHIC. My name is Bartosz Wojciechowski and I have been working as a designer for many years.
I specialise in web design, vector graphics as well as creating visual identification for companies (logotypes, branding).

The objective of my work as a web designer is to introduce the visual standards present in graphic design and typography for centuries into web design through HTML, CSS and in particular the latest frameworks such as grid systems (the 960 Grid System), jQuery etc. My key projects includes web-site designing for Online Fintech platforms which are known as cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin circuit kryptoroboter is primarily designed by our team with intuitive and easy to use design.

On this website you will be able to
find a selection of my latest works including websites, sites for mobile devices, logotypes, illustrations and posters. Some of the works presented here have been created exclusively for this portfolio while some are commercial projects I have done. Enjoy!

Mazda National Dealer websites

Full website project for all Irish Mazda Dealers. Designed in Photoshop and developed in HTML/CSS/jQuery.


A website that has innovative tools and access to comprehensive trading platforms. The etoro review – Buy Shares will provide the traders with in depth details of financial markets, cryptocurrency and other commodities.

Website design from simple mockup to Photoshop to HTML/CSS/jQuery.

Mitsubishi National Dealer websites

Full website project for all Irish Mitsubishi Dealers. Designed in Photoshop and developed in HTML/CSS/jQuery.


Hyundai.ie national website made in Photoshop/HTML/CSS/jQuery.

Hyundai.ie Mobile

Hyundai.ie national site for mobile devices made in HTML/CSS. I particularly like this project, due to its clean, simple look which makes it look nearly like an app.
visit only on mobile:www.hyundai.ie

Waterford Motors Village

New car dealer website in progress. (preview version only – jpg)

visit:Design Layout(PNG)

GreenField Sports

New Greenfield Sports Equipment website with an online store. Work in progress. (preview version only – jpg – three subpages)

visit:Design Layout (JPG)


A Fresh and clean company website theme made from scratch in XHTML/CSS/jQuery and PHP based on the WordPress CMS.


My personal website to show my design inspirations. I made this Theme from scratch in XHTML/CSS/jQuery and PHP based on the WordPress CMS.

Owl Spot

A Blog Theme created in XHTML/CSS/PHP based on the WordPress CMS.


Commercial design for games and gossip website from San Francisco.
(preview version only – jpg).


Furniture Design

Furniture website template.
An online furniture store project (preview version only – jpg).

visit:Furniture Design

Microsoft EDC

Microsoft European Development Centre. A logotype project done through Clickworks graphic design agency.

See more in my print portfolio.


A simple elliptic shape multiplied and rotated by 120 degrees became a lovely flower in a hexagonal shape. A very clean and simple logo bringing to mind natural, floral motives.

Little King

This logotype was designed for a children’s clothing brand. A paper crown from children’s game has been used as an inspiration to create this charming logo.


An inviting, classic logo for a radio broadcasting lounge and nu jazz music.

Spot Print

Logo in a circular shape with a colour palette rotating, as to depict the concept of expressing multiple shades by blending them in the printing machine. Expressive logo plus serif slab typography give a balanced mix and a great logotype.

Puzzled Mouse

This adorable logotype was designed for an online community where members can ask and answer questions on a variety of topics. A simple and fun idea behind the logo combined with a clear and distinctive font for an extraordinary effect.


A red origami-style logo and a classic typeface ideal for a men’s clothing brand.


A triangle-shaped liveried butler with a red tie. In the centre of the image a white letter “M” is clearly visible. Logo created on a basis of a hexagon and hexagram grid. The form and the character of the logo bring to mind 70-s design.


Site designed for the car insurance industry. Open wings drawn with a light, fine stroke symbolise a wide range of possibilities The radial, triangular shape brings to mind an image of a solid and open company. Dynamic, yet simple 3d design.


A vibrant logotype for an internet file-hosting website. Five colorful cubes symbolise various containers for uploading and downloading files.


Logotype dedicated to a company producing Italian pasta. The spiral, easy to remember shape brings to mind the one of a fusilli pasta noodle. Red colour is perfect for selling food products and drawing customers’ attention on a supermarket shelf.

Comeback Shop

Project of a logo designed for a chain of local stores. A soft, warm shade of green and the distinctive icon inspired by the MP3 players “Reply” button form a nice and friendly mix that encourages to become a steady customer.


This logo, depicting a flame was composed out of three elements representing drops of water. The logo looks just as great in full colour and as a monochromatic image while its shape fits perfectly onto a bottle.

Sweet Loundry

Trendy laundry: Logotype in the American 50s retro stylistics, “Vanillia -yellow” background brings to mind the sweetness of an afternoon Cadillac-ride.


A delightful logotype designed for an online dating web community. Red color plus a heart in a little different than usual yet distinctive shape for a cosy, not corny feel.

Piramid Media

Logotype built on stars forming the shape of a TV screen. A light and easy to remember logo that does the trick even with no colours used. Thanks to the distinctive “A” the logo can be used separately from the logotype.

Free Animals

Logotype created for a T-shirt desgner shop, colorful, funny and cool.


Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 – 1543) the first astronomer to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology, which displaced the Earth from the center of the universe. A cartoon image of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Thief Club

Logo and name created for a music club. A black thief mask and distinct print used to create this witty, original and unique logotype.

Spontan Typeface

A modern, geometric font design perfect for posters. Typeface designed exclusively for my printed portfolio publication.

OWL Typeface

A unique font inspired by vinyl LPs and the art-deco Bifur font. Perfect for posters and large size publications where the fine details are clearly visible.

Music Poster

“Tell me my friend where the hell is good music…”

Show me how

What would happen if you spill a bucket of paint onto a font?

Gynoid Poster

Neurological system.

Dreaming poster

Thoughts of a man…

Miroslaw Hermaszewski

is a retired Polish Air Force officer. He became the first (and to this day remains the only) Pole in space when he flew aboard the Soyuz 30 spacecraft in 1978.

Universe gems

3 logos created on a hexagon and hexagram grid with a retro 8-bit computer game effect, and a bit of a sci-fi aftertaste.

Universe gems 2

2 logos created on a hexagon and hexagram grid with the retro 8-bit computer game effect, and a bit of a sci-fi aftertaste.


Gaudi- style organic mosaic logos created on a “divine geometry grid”.


Now you can download a full version of my printed portfolio with more amazing logotypes and branding stuff.